High Performance Hassel-Free Solution To Your Cold Storage Building Needs

Designed specifically for the agri-food, technological and pharmaceutical markets with "R" ratings from R35 to R50.


The MuroxCold loadbearing wall is a factory assembled panel. Standard sizes are 10 ft. ( 3m ) wide and a maximum of 45 ft. ( 13.8m ).

Shop assembled panels cut your erection schedule and reduce your field construction cost with superior assembly quality.

Superior installation quality is guaranteed with doors, windows and other accessories installed in the plant.

Superior insulating qualities are insured with shop installed insulation, vapor barrier and wind breaker.

Panels are shop assembled in 10 ft. ( 3m ) sections to allow the reutilization of panels in future building expansions.

The MuroxCold panelized load-bearing building system offers a competitively priced, energy efficient, superior quality assembly that provides faster building construction while cutting your overall construction costs.


The structure ( columns, girts and bracing ) is integrated in the panel, eliminating any obstacles along the walls. The load on the foundation is equally distrubuted, reducing the cost of formwork and concrete.

a - Exterior siding M-156R siding, 26 GA. 8000+ series.
b - Polyisocyanurate 2-1/2" ( 64mm ) R 17.5 laminated vapor barrier & vapor barrier tape on exterior.
c - Gyplap 5/8" ( 16mm ).
d - Stainless #14 x 3-1/2" ( 37mm ) screws at 12" ( 305mm ) C / C.
e - Polyisocyanurate 2-1/2" ( 64mm ) R 17.5 with out vapor barrier.
f - Girt U 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" ( 64mm x 64mm ).
g - Interior liner M-156R, 26 GA 8000 + series.
h - Metal closure.
i - Base flashing, site installed.
j - Urethane, site installed.
k - Urethane, applied in plant.
l - Top of steel.
m - Stainless #14 x 1-1/2" ( 89mm ) screws at 12" ( 305mm ) C / C.
n - Flashing. site installed.
o - Top of foundation.
p - Insulation 1" x 2-3/4" ( 25mm x 70mm ), installed in plant.

a - MuroxCold panel up to 10 ft. ( 3m ) wide and 45 ft. ( 13.8m ) high.
b - Canam roof truss.
c - Canam roof joist.
d - Canam steel deck.
e - Canopy.
f - Loading dock door with reinforcement for door seal ( door and door seal installed by Couse & Sons, Inc )
g - Overhead door.
h - Shop installed window.
i - Shop installed main door.
j - Gypsum for exterior finish.
k - Exterior metal finish.
l - Roofing by Couse & Sons, Inc.
m - Height from 12 ft. to 45 ft. ( 3.7m to 12.3m ).
n - Truss span multiples of 5 ft., 6 ft. 8 in. and 10 ft. ( 1.5m, 2.1m and 3m ).
o - Joist span from 20 ft. to 120 ft. ( 6.2m to 37m ).


The MuroxCold building system allows for great architectural flexibility and adapts to all types of internal and external layouts.

MuroxCold offers a load bearing, panelized building system that adapts to specific customer needs. From heavy industrial buildings to exotic commerical and public structures to retail buildings. MuroxCold provides the solution to speed, quality and cost. The versatility of the MuroxCold building system allows for a broad range of exterior and interior finishes.

No system is as speedy and economical as Murox when it comes to the expansion of a building.

The process is remarkably simply since the wall panels can be unbolted and moved to their new location in record time.

Even panels with personnel and overhead doors can be relocated as easily as the building itself.

Hygrometric Tests

The test conducted by National Research Council Canada ( NRC ) revealed that the hygrometric performance of the MuroxCold load bearing wall is excellent for temperatures as low as 20oF ( -5oC ).


Canopies: Easy and quick to install, Murox canopies are offered in modules 5 and 10 ft. ( 1.5 and 3m ) long and include gutters. They are made of 16 gauge steel covered with a polyurethane primer and two coats of acrylic urethane enamel paint finish for long term durability. Murox canopies are available in a assortment of colors.

Windows: The sealed or sliding windows have aluminum frames and polyvinyl thermal breaks. The colors available are natural, white or brown. All windows and flashing are shop installed.

Service Doors: ( 3' x 7' ) Service doors are made of 20 gauge galvanized steel with R8 polystyrene insulation. Frame consists of 16 gauge galvanized steel. Doors, frames and flashing are installed at the factory.

Overhead Door Frames: Openings up to 20 ft. ( 6.15m ) are standard. Overhead doors and hardware are supplied and installed by others ( Couse & Sons, Inc. ).

Openings: Openings in a panel are up to 9 ft. 6 in. ( 2.92m ) wide. All openings installed by Murox include a steel frame and all necessary flashings. Frames and flashing are installed at the factory.