High Performance Buildings

The heart of the system is a plant-fabricated panels made of a conventional steel frame. The careful installation of insulating materials, as well as doors and windows, in ideal plant conditions results in a superior thermal resistance for the Murox system, compared to conventional construction methods. It also eliminates the problems associated with fitting doors and windows on site.

The structure (columns, girts and bracings) is integrated in the panel, thereby eliminating any obstacles along the walls. The load on the foundation is equally distributed, thus reducing the cost of formwork and concrete. The Murox system simplifies site management and supervision by reducing the number of trades needed on site. The same team handles the erection of both the steel structure and Murox panels. The easy installation accelerates the pace of work, allowing the owner to occupy the building sooner.

For example, a 25000ft² (2322.6m²) building can be erected in approximately one week by a team of four qualified people. This is about 30% faster than conventional systems. No other system is as rapid or economical as Murox when it comes to building expansion. Extensions are remarkably simple since the wall panels can be unbolted and moved to their new destination – in record time. Even panels with pedestrian or garage doors can be relocated easily.

  • Curtain walls have a standard width of 10' and a maximum height of 45'.
  • Factory assembled walls will reduce your field construction costs as well as assure you of a superior product.
  • All doors, windows and other accessories are factory installed, ensuring you of a quality fit.
  • Factory installed insulation, vapor barrier and wind breaker.
  • Panels are reusable for future expansions.